Wireless Phone Charger for Sublimation

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We are excited to present a brand new item that hasn't flooded the market yet. 10 Watt wireless phone chargers that work with Android and Apple***. The charging distance is 8mm so your customers would need a thin phone case and if they use a pop socket it may be in the way of the charger.

They light up when you plug them in. Shortly after it connects with your phone the light turns off and comes back on when your phone is fully charged. If it doesn't recognize what is on it, it will blink. If there's no load on the charger, the light will turn off after 2 minutes.

These come with a very short charging cable (you will want a longer one) and no wall wart. You will need a power source that puts out at least 2 Amps for 5 watts or 3 Amps for 10 Watts

These are guaranteed to not be DOA but due to user error, buyers remorse, etc, we cannot guarantee them beyond that.

Production notes:
There is no protective coating to remove.
The side without the heat tape is the side you sublimate to. (If you accidentally do the wrong side it's ok, no ink will transfer, we did this the first time and were able to reuse the blank and the paper as nothing moved anywhere.)
We recommend NOT mirroring so that your finished image is closest to the light so if the top gets scratched your image doesn't get scratched as well.
Press at 356 degrees for 80 seconds with medium pressure.